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Why DSOPro

Data insights can trasform your operations, GTM strategy and patient outcomes Only if analyzed the right way and for KPIs tied to your business goals We put best brains to work and bring out their best to make most tangible impacts to top and bottom line
  • Management Consultants
  • Data Scientists
  • Technology Developers

Who we are

DSO (Dental Services Organization) Proffesionals are analytics consultants, always seeking new ways to create value for business and make a positive impact on the community. These are rare talents, who provide consulting services to top executives of Fortune 500 companies to solve their management problems. They always work with one moto “Customers first”. Two years ago, a consortium of Dental Practices approached the partners to help with transformation of 50+ dental practices and the rest is history.
Watch our DSOPro overview demo to learn how you can start today DSOPro helps you find the meaningful insights to transform your business. Whether you are a practice owner, DSO investor or supplier, Dsopro insights is the solution to address your current and long-term business goals

How can we help

Insights at your hand, whenever and wherever you need

Dental Services Organizations

  • Reduce claims processing time
  • Increase collections turnover
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve RoI of marketing
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Dental Practices

  • Reduce re-work
  • Increase collections’ throughput
  • Reduce Appointment schedule conflicts
  • Increase practice productivity
  • Reduce patient churn
  • Increase patients per practice
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Equipment Manufacturers

  • Improve visibility of inventory and safety stock at practice level
  • Reduce order errors
  • Improve forecasting accuracy
  • Brand proliferation and launch
  • MRP Planning
  • Improve catalogue management and inventory
  • Comparison of Product specifications
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Optimize IT Resources

  • Automate back-office processes
  • Reduce manual steps and errors
  • Reduce overhead
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve response time to customer
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DSOPro One-Stop Solution

For Evolving Dental Care Market

Market Growth

  • Consolidation in the Dental market from current 20% at 1% -- 1,000 dentists -- per year

Need For Centralized Function

  • Consolidation of market creating need for centralized back office functions

Manual Claims Management

  • Technology driven claims management is a critical component for the success of a centralized back office
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Tangible Outcomes

DSOPro Analytics Dashboards help us understand what we missed in practice management. I rolled out 3 major initiatives based on DSOPro insights, which reduced the operational costs by 20% in same quarter.
Director Supply Chain, Dental Clinic
Our customer acquisition rate increased by 25%by integrating DSOPro insights into our CRM suite and market application.
CMO, Dental Practice Management
We acquired 25 new practices and synergized several business operations within past 18 months. Thanks to DSOPro. We learnt new ways to manage our own business.
Chairman and CEO, DSO Venture Capital

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